Climate Impacts of the Creative Quad

The Miller Creative Quad is Hendrix College’s newest dorm and budding artistic hub, an attempt to bolster admissions in a big way. Anyone who marched across our often rainy campus to the art building can attest to the excitement of moving much of Hendrix’s fine art community to a central campus location, and the prospect of a chic, modern dorm is enough to brighten any underclassman’s day. However the 2018/2019 academic year showed that not everyone was as consistently overjoyed about its construction. Primarily, complaints came from the sudden detours in morning commutes, sending students racing to class after their … Continue reading Climate Impacts of the Creative Quad

Greta Thunberg and the Youth Movement

Greta Thunberg: a world changer, an advocate, an environmentalist, and a 16-year-old girl. Some call her an “old soul,” as if one must be well along in years before they can have a vision for the world around them. Thunberg’s short and storied life teaches the world a few lessons, both in the message for which she advocates and the means by which she advocates.  “This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be up here.” This is how Thunberg addressed world leaders at the United Nations’ Climate Action Summit. When she informed them that the youth of the world were watching their actions, … Continue reading Greta Thunberg and the Youth Movement

Farmworker Justice

My hometown in rural Arkansas is on the cusp of humanity. Ridden with mom-and-pop shops and containing a gas station, a school, and a Sonic, it has everything you might expect to find in small town USA. There was also a large agricultural institution. A majority of those employed at this institution were Hispanics, and most of those Hispanics were undocumented immigrants. This institution was fined for lack of documentation of its workers’ citizenship and forced to lay off most of its staff. The long-time owner and prominent community figure had to sell out.  This January, Dianne Feinstein and Zoe … Continue reading Farmworker Justice

Farewell to Field Hockey

During the 2019 Spring Semester, the Women’s Field Hockey team received an obscure email for a meeting with the Hendrix Athletic Director, Amy Weaver, and the Assistant Athletic Director, Thad McCracken. “The field hockey group chat blew up,” sophomore Sarah Morris said, “we all got there about five speculating what is happening.” There the team was told that their beloved sport was going to be cut from the Hendrix College Athletic Program. When asked about the reasoning behind this decision, Weaver said, “recruiting sufficient numbers for the sport of field hockey continued to be a challenge.” In addition to finding … Continue reading Farewell to Field Hockey