Farewell to Field Hockey

During the 2019 Spring Semester, the Women’s Field Hockey team received an obscure email for a meeting with the Hendrix Athletic Director, Amy Weaver, and the Assistant Athletic Director, Thad McCracken. “The field hockey group chat blew up,” sophomore Sarah Morris said, “we all got there about five speculating what is happening.” There the team was told that their beloved sport was going to be cut from the Hendrix College Athletic Program. When asked about the reasoning behind this decision, Weaver said, “recruiting sufficient numbers for the sport of field hockey continued to be a challenge.” In addition to finding … Continue reading Farewell to Field Hockey

A Response to Environmental Racism

Flint lacks clean drinking water; East St. Louis Public Housing has lead paint; Houston’s Harrisburg/Manchester neighborhood does not have breathable air. While these environmental issues appear different on the surface, the harms created are all concentrated in communities of color. As issues of climate and environment take center stage, it is essential that the fight for environmental justice includes all voices, especially those that are being systematically oppressed through their environment. Most have likely heard about the racist practices in areas like schooling, housing and the workforce, but the term “environmental racism” is still new to many. First coined by … Continue reading A Response to Environmental Racism