M & M Project Raises Awareness on Campus

Many students may have noticed the tables in the SLTC this semester, where students were encouraged to take photos displaying micro-aggressions and micro-affirmations that they’ve heard before. The photo shoot was part of a larger movement called the M & M Project, which is led by Dr. Micheal Miyawaki, Assistant Professor of Sociology. “The M&M Project is a photography project aimed at raising awareness about micro-aggressions and promoting the campus adoption of micro-affirmations. The project involves students holding up written signs of their encounters with these micro-behaviors, and having their pictures taken,” Dr. Miyawaki said. A micro-aggression can be defined … Continue reading M & M Project Raises Awareness on Campus

Aspire Student Scholars

What’s the best part of living in the Village? “That’s a hard question,” responded Rader Francis, sophomore resident in Market Square South. As a recipient of the Hendrix Aspire Scholarship, Francis was able to secure his single dorm in one of the Living and Learning Communities (LLC) along with thirteen of his fellow Aspire scholars. Francis emphasized the community aspect of the LLC: “It’s really nice just being able to walk out of my room and have people to hang out with or talk to” Cameron Thomas, one of Francis’s neighbors, also noted, “Here, you just know everyone.” Fourteen students … Continue reading Aspire Student Scholars